About Us

A bit about me. I grew up loving all types of music but always had a special place in my heart for Jazz. If I had to choose just one Jazz style it would have to be Hard Bop. Something with the combination of the rhythem and soul and gospel influences sits just right with me.

I am a longtime record collector and have a nice little collection covering my favorite Jazz artists and recordings that I have picked up through the years. Nothing gets the blood pumping like finding that mint yard sale or thrift store vinyl that you have been wanting for the longest time (all you record collectors know what I mean).

Outside of music I enjoy of course my ever growing family, we have another grandchild on the way. Through the years I have enjoyed so much sharing and passing down my affection for music to my children and grandchildren. There is nothing better. Living in the cold weather, i also have always loved skiing and a lot of other winter sports when available but the older I get the less I am loving the cold.

Since you are here and reading this, I hope you enjoy the journey and return regularly as I post new jazz videos, interviews and reviews of some of my favorite artists.

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